The Bi-Polar Workshop

A free resource for a new system in self management


My name is James. I am a Manic Polar Bear! No I’m not really a bear but I do like to hibernate in the winter! A bear with some modern luxuries- including a fridge.

Ive had mental health condition for over 20 years. Brought on by recreational drugs and stressful life events.

Off label diagnosis as Bipolar/Schzioaffective.

However, as time has gone on and with vigorous healing and processing the condition is evolving. It has elements of complex PTSD and some relating to past traumas.

I believe it’s a healing process. Things in life repeat, the past comes up for healing and there’s always a different choice you can make for a different outcome.

This site is geared towards consistent recovery- whereby you take back control of your life through good habits. The brain can re-wire itself to give you and me control and manage an illness more effectively. But you have to train your brain and be willing to do the work yourself. You have to be keen to help yourself. You will be amazed how implementing your own personal structure of routines and journalling can improve your mood and thoughts.

‘I am my own doctor, therapist, psychologist, athlete, intellect and life coach.’

Be your own, all you need to do is fill in charts each day…..

All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other…….

One day you wake up and your doing everything automatically! And you may forget you have all illness or injury…….

Please note- this is partly experimental and what helps me. For professional advice on medications you should always seek your doctor. However, there are lots of things that help that are not related to medication which would be good to explore.

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