1st week clozapine

Thought symptoms Paranoia gone, delusion gone, anxiety lower, obsessive thoughts lower, overthinking/over analysing lower, no trauma memories, have not got stuck in mind maze, my insight however has also been lower as not so aware of my consciousness, time slowed down, I feel I’ve overslept each morning but up at 8am, sense of humour intact,Continue reading “1st week clozapine”

Out of frying pan and into a pleasant bath or a raging fire??

Next week I turn over a new leaf. My current medication is Olanzapine 10mg daily. Ive been on Risperdone (didn’t work), quientipine (made me manic and psychosis), araperazol (wasn’t great). Everyone is different but Olanzapine has worked the best over the years. Kind of a sledge hammer to crack a nut though. Works for lotsContinue reading “Out of frying pan and into a pleasant bath or a raging fire??”


Its been my third month of this system in place. I have noticed the following things. Im fitter, healthier, tidier, better socially and more stable. Ive been finding on the bad days charting moods has been really effective. The moods include anger, sadness, fear, trust, disgust, excitement, paranoia and hatred, and I’ve added one moreContinue reading “Charting/Journaling”

Ever thought of learning music?

Its an endless form of learning, it’s absorbing, creative and lots of directions to take. I started in late 2017 and it has definitely helped me overcome depression and is an awesome distraction! You don’t need a lot of money to start- well maybe a bit! I would recommend starting with the guitar and learningContinue reading “Ever thought of learning music?”

Over exposure/ Impulsivity

I don’t know if others have the similar difficulties with impulsiveness but it can be a real problem. Being spontaneous has it’s good side. A spur of the moment thing can be creative, endearing, thoughtful and above all fun! However, it has it’s dark side, especially with tools such as the internet. Posting or sayingContinue reading “Over exposure/ Impulsivity”

Problem solving activities

Chess is a fantastic example of a problem solving activity. A game of strategy! Almost unlimited possible moves. Playing chess or cards can help focus your mind; it has the ability to promote calmness and clear thinking. They are constructive games that have some relevance in real life skills. Being able to think out ofContinue reading “Problem solving activities”