Diary– Normal A4 sized one day per page dated diary/ calendar. Helps organise important event and jobs.

CBT Diary– A4 sized lined paper blank diary for CBT entries. Label each entry. Ie. first entry (Entry 1 Date 3rd December 2019, Entry 2 5th December 2019) This CBT Entry should correspond to your Trigger chart with trigger mood (1-10) CBT entry 1-10000 and trigger mood after imputing CBT diary. Ie. Trigger mood before 5, Entry 3, Trigger mood after 3)

Scientific Journal– An A4 sized diary (non dated) that has all your useful information in it related to drugs that work for you, dosages, side effects, vitamins. The core book to structuring your program. Write about why you choose certain hobbies- why they are beneficial for you. Stick in all your charting data and analysis it and make further studies when you change certain variables.

Book of Memories– An A4 blank diary/scrapbook for when you remember certain things. Could be past memories, good/bad/traumatic/ funny/sad. Helps redefine your past and keeps track of funny stuff that happens. Could be a symbolic event that happened today,

Mood therapy– An art/music/poetry or writing book. A way of channeling extreme mood states into cartoon/character-or (maybe your enemies into a cartoon characters that makes you laugh?) songs or poems or stories. Something constructive can come out of something destructive!

Charts– Print off mine or do your own. Must include making bed, showering and teeth twice a day and meds and vitamins every day at set time, as well as keeping track of what you eat/drink. Later they can be discussed and plot graphs to find trends and overall keep a record (not every day is the same).

Book Reviewing– A4 blank diary (non dated) Im choosing reading books as one hobby/learn something new task. Ive also choose chess/cards but you can decide your own. After each book I read (1 chapter at least a day) I review them so I can look back in years and remember all the great books I read. It also helps you concentrate and distracts from any repetitive thoughts. And helps brain understand the sub-text of thoughts, something you don’t get from watching a film per say.

Medication– This could be a combination of prescribed drugs. Ive been through a fair few anti-psychotics. My main is Olanzapine 10mg. Some people may take mood stabilisers or anti-depressants. Put this into scientific journal.

Vitamins– Here are a list of safe vitamins I take, always check with your doctor that there are no interactions. Codeine and Olanzapine although both prescribed meds have very bad interaction I discovered. Some vitamins also have bad interactions with your medication. I take Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D spray, Calcium/Magnesium and Zinc, Fish oils, Flaxseed Oil and Turmeric.

I find Ginko Bibolia to be very good as well as liquorice and High strength CBD but may not be as safe as ones above.

Medication Pill boxes– This is so you can control it better, cut up the medicine packets so they can fit in a monthly pill box (Labelled Monday-Sunday). It also helps if you want to wean off the higher dosages by keeping a record and reducing very gradually. Ultimately it gives more control. Remember to take them at set time, really helps for sleep patterns.

Vitamin Pill Boxes- Similarly, this ensures you take all your vitamins each day, may have to be a larger one than medication pill box due to the various vitamins you may take. Gives you more control and more likely to remember to take them daily.

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