The wonders of reading…

In the food world, they say ‘You are what you eat’

In the mind world it is similar! Feed your mind with good and interesting thoughts….

Im not a huge reader, at least I didn’t used to be. I would pick up a book on every 12th cycle of the moon and bring it on holiday and forget to unpack it, or fall asleep rapidly or lose interest.

Why I like books….

Recently, I have begun to marvel at books. Not only are they depicting a story, a narrative, speech and action. They also give you the inner mechanisms of the authors mind and thus the characters thoughts.

Films and images give a lot of information but they are focused on behaviour and what people say.

Books have something films do not, books have the subtext of what a character is thinking and for that reason it’s interesting.

Ive struggled with sub-text a lot with Bipolar; around sometimes what is not said, often jumping to conclusions in how others think. Resorting to having paranoid thoughts and assuming the worst.

Since i’ve made a habit of reading every day, i’m picking up on more and more nuisances in conversation and instead of assuming the worst, I think…., ah that’s interesting….

And it helps start a conversation when you ask ‘Why’.

Books are your friends; especially if you spend a lot of time in your own company. You are not only not lonely you are living in another world or character and seeing things through other people’s eyes.

No matter the genre you can experience other characters struggles without having to go through it yourself. This may give you perspective with your own struggles; in that you are not alone.

Someone, somewhere has had similar thoughts on topics which are similar to your own….

Preparing freezer meals

Have you discovered the joy of cooking? You may like cooking but do you like clearing and washing up and doing this every day?

Well there is an answer- Tupperware!

With kitchen plastic Tupperware boxes you can mass cook a dish that is suitable to go in the freezer. This simplifies cooking. You can get away with mass cooking once every 2 weeks and dishes go in to the freezer.

This way you only have to worry about cooking or making breakfast over the two week period. Lunch and supper are already sorted.

Sounds good, well there is another good reason for doing this. You may find cooking every day that you would struggle to use all the vegetables and things would go off on you.

With mass cooking- not nessesarily to a cook book recipe (be a bit creative) it’s easier to use all the vegetables and put them in stews or macaroni cheese or Bolognese or curries, ect.

And you know the ready meals you create are packed full of goodness from all those vegetables that actually get used. No GI numbers or preservatives. And diet is very important for mental health.

You have to carefully find the right Tupperware that are suitable for freezing.

I make sure I use ones that are big enough for lunch and dinner (split the contents in half when you defrost)

They can be re-heated on a plate in the microwave or small saucepan.

There is minimal washing up and the fridge is clearer.

Blood type diet

Okay so lets start with the blood type. I don’t actually know why we have different blood types and how they came to be!

If you know why please tell me. However, I found an article from the BBC explaining some of the history and also problems of blood type.


I do know there are 4 main types and that is very important for blood transfusions.

It turns out that the blood type has something to do with antigens in the blood. Type A antigen has it’s own and so does B but blood type AB has both types of antigens and O has neither A or B antigens. So giving type A blood to a person with Type O is bad news as the antigens will attack the immune system.

Anyway, enough about blood types, the only thing i’m really interested in blood type is its importance to food. Here is an article explaining the blood type diet.


‘The Blood Type Diet was created by naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo. The following information is from the article above (

Peter J. D’Adamo says::

Type O blood: The diet for type 0 blood should be high-protein diet. You want to concentrate on eating lean meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, and not have huge quantity of grains, beans. Also try and avoid dairy but you will need some calcium. Goats cheese is a good substitute. People with type O do sometimes have stomach aches.’

Type A blood: Should eat a diet mainly with fruits and vegetables, should try to avoid meat. Type A blood diet has a focus on beans and legumes, and whole grains. D’Adamo says people with type A blood have a sensitive immune system so stick to fresh organic food.’

Type B blood: Should not eat wheat, corn, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds. D’Adamo says to focus on green vegetables, eggs, certain meats but not chicken, and only low-fat dairy.’

Type AB blood: Need a balanced diet that is easily digestible because AB blood can have low stomach acids. Foods that are really good include tofu, seafood, dairy, and green vegetables. You should try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoked or cured meats.’

So, my thoughts on the excerpt copied from is that if you know what blood type you are why not buy foods that are suited to your blood type.

Create a balanced shopping list and try and stock the foods that are great for your body. It makes sense as some people are lactose intolerant, or allergic to certain foods and some people get migraines with dairy or wheat.

There are also a whole list of superfoods- if you were driving a petrol car you wouldn’t feed it diesel!!

Peter J. D’Adamo even goes on further to suggest certain activity levels and activities that are better suited for your blood type- have a read of article in hyperlink..

If you only do 1 thing all day- Make sure you make your bed.

The day starts with that one thing. It prepares you for the day and if you can do that one thing you may have the self esteem, energy and direction to do others.

Look at your charts and see if you can tick off other things. For instance have a shower, eat some fruit, breakfast, maybe a nice glass of orange juice.

The charts are there so you don’t have to remember too many things. Just remember one thing- to fill in the charts. Even if you put a ‘No’ in the chart entry. ‘I have not done that for the day.’ The overview is that there are small targets and you are plotting your progress each day.

Each day you have the potential to increase your progress and health by looking after yourself.

With a chaotic mind the simple things can stress you out- being organised makes the day seem less daunting!

And the day starts with making your bed……

ABOUT SECTION: Learn to be a Polar Bear to survive the extremes and prosper!

‘When everything means nothing, we all need something to mean something. You mean something….’


The aim of the site is a workshop where people can develop good habits and journal their unique individual journey. The target is to become a better and healthier person and see what changes in your Bi-polar! The bottom line is help others to help themselves. No one can help you, unless you help yourself!

Why do this?

  • Because it helps to have control in your life and I want to see if it will help others. So help me by becoming a scientist. If it works for me it could for you? I believe that learning new things and adopting new habits could redefine the mental health world. Yes, life is complex and money often gets in the way but this is true for everyone. Im interested in the process of keeping well. Sometimes this means changing your expectations and adapting your relationships. Its great to have people you trust and a support system. I struggle sometimes with relationships but I have support and friendship. If you are on your own it doesn’t necessarily mean your lonely. Everyone has the potential to lead fulfilling lives if they choose.
  • Why should I read your blog?
  • You have a choice not to, but if you do read this blog I hope you can find at least one useful thing that will help you.

‘Help others to help themselves and find things you enjoy or are passionate about’

I am blogging privately with my own personal journal (not for others eyes) and publicly because I want to create a system that people can adapt to their own. This is because when I was ill there was no handbook I felt I was doomed and nothing I could do. Yet here I am 20 years later, still alive and living a fulfilling life. However, to become the best I can be I want to use my system to flourish with Bi-polar disorder. I know some things that have helped me and want to experiment to see if these are universal or individual.

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

I want to write about all topics towards leading a balanced life and my focus is on learning new things and ideas and hobbies that involve creativity.

Who do you want to connect with?

People with similar conditions or struggles and people in industries of rehabilitation.

What qualifications do you have?

I have Bi-polar with over 20 years experience. I have a degree in Sports Science, Psychology and English Literature. And other hobby based qualifications.

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