Chemistry/ Psychological/Spiritual


We are all unique, diabetics need a supplement as they sometime don’t produce insulin. The same is true for Brain chemistry.

Brain chemistry that is out of balance can be changed in various way:

  1. Food (The food you eat produces chemicals)
  2. Drugs/vitamins/supplements (medication can help balance out serotonin and dopamine.) Coffee, ciggerettes and alcohol are also drugs that effect different systems in your brain.
  3. Sport- exercise produces chemicals. Endorphines are natural opioids.
  4. Sleep/rest helps balance stress hormones.
  5. Positive thinking creates chemicals


  1. Positive thinking creates chemicals that help decrease stress.
  2. Connection and people who care about you and vice versa creates purpose.
  3. You can find different ways of thinking that stop certain patterns of behaviour and increase productivity and wellbeing.


Gives you great inner peace and patience.

Every life is unique and meaningful.

Your alive because of chances of billions to one.

The planet exists in chances of trillions to one.

If the universe goes on for infinite, maybe we do too. So walk your spiritual journey to become your greatest version of yourself- with wisdom and kindness.

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