Choose a topic and spend some time each day to learning it. Not only will it take your mind off problems it will help to solve them. Follow my blog for the interests and hobbies Ive choose to learn and I will describe how and why they have helped me. Choose your topics you’re interested in, it could be learning a Language? Duo lingo is a great app for just that. Send me a comment below on what you get absorbed in and why you love it.

Learning something new each day keeps the mental wheels turning. Heres a few ideas.

Card games:

Chess: Online

Reading: Why not have a book review after each book. Set yourself targets; a chapter a day and see how many books you read in a year!

Studying a course: Why not try an evening course or something you are really keen on? It could also give you qualifications and skills. You may find work that you prefer.

Learning Music: Ever wanted to learn to play music. Save up for a Electro-acoustic guitar, amp and mic and you can follow your dream. 10,000 hours they say to be an expert in something. Practice and determination and enjoyment are all the skills you need. Check out Justin guitar for awesome lessons, both in books and YouTube.





Languages: Set yourself a challenge learn Spanish.

Geography: Do you know every continent, country, capital, river, mountain and sea. Try this site to test your knowledge. Click here and you can be that really useful person in a pub quiz.

History: Once you know your world map geography why not learn the history and politics of a country you want to visit. That way your be street wise and can get the most out of your holiday!

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