Obsessive 'OCD- like' thoughts

Thought id put a side topic of obsessive or repetitive thoughts. I have found that high dosages of anti-psychotics or major triggers can bring them on. Have you found this to be true? Do you suffer unwanted or intrusive thoughts that repeat?

All you got to remember is they are just thoughts, need to be detached, it’s the emotional reaction that makes them scary. Think of thoughts coming and going without paying them much attention like a butterfly skipping. Paying particular thoughts attention is the danger. OCD type thinking prays on your fears, disgust, sadness or anger and makes you live in a nightmare in your mind.

The thoughts bother you because they repeat, its actually irrelevant their validity. If the thoughts were of pleasant subjects it would not be a problem if they repeated

Its almost like a bicycle- in that the more you try and think of the validity or why you have the thought; the more the pedals turn and cause wheels of that thought to spin. Also it’s not like you can just say to yourself ‘don’t think about it’, or ‘don’t worry’- its the first thing you will do guareenteed. Ever tried not to think of a pink elephant?

What seems to help is having people you trust around you and experiencing the unpleasant mood and sitting with it for long enough without re-assurance whether it’s true or not. Once you work through the mood, the delusion you have, you may find changes slightly, as the mood changes. It becomes clear it’s like a nightmare.

The lesson I learnt 4 years ago is to love yourself as OCD is the ultimate bully and there is no point arguing with one. Ignoring is the most logical answer. Just take back control with being kind to yourself. When you feel really good about yourself watch as ‘OCD’ type thinking vanishes.

It’s important to allow the mind to wonder freely but quickly move on.

When symptoms were at all time high years back, I found the following medicines and supplements to be very effective.

CBD Oil- reduces anxiety

Anti-depressants (SSRI)- speak to your doctor but this was very effective for me years back.

Sport and diet are not to be underestimated along with vitamin supplements.

A great meditation exercise someone once said to me. ‘Imagine yourself in the inside of a ping pong ball’

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