Overcoming Gambling Addictions

I started to lose control…

I had to stop

It started back maybe 8 years ago. Got into buying scratch cards regularly and being a type of habit.

I then started trading penny shares.

I tried starting matched betting or Bonus bagging.

At times was making good money with the matched betting but it was taking over my life and making me feel ill and addiction creeped in.

The problem with the profits of matched betting is that its too tempting to gamble them for greater rewards.

Online gambling sites were bad for me.

What I did
  1. Self exclusions: If I put down £10 on a gambling online site and I lost the money I decided to put on self exclusion for 5 years. This way I got banned from that site and some of the sister sites. I did it with enough sites that there are not any I can join or deposit on.
  2. Find healthy distractions. I found that really the cause of the gambling was that it was distraction away from my mental health. Only that it actually just fuelled it.
  3. Close down broker accounts for share trading. People can make money from trading but penny shares are risky and you need a sizeable amount of money to make it justified for FSTE 250-100 trades. At the moment nothing is doing very well with worldwide covid crisis. You actually need to have money you can afford to lose and I’m not in that position.
  4. Scratchcards: These I still find addictive but i’ve decided to have a limit of one a week a £1 or £2 card. There is obviously something within me that is still drawn to the thrill but with my new found discipline and moderation I am able to keep to this.

Gambling can be a terrible thing and I am lucky that I actually broke even with most of it. There are stories of people trying to claw back what they have lost and losing everything.

When you playing the slots the numbers don’t feel real and even if you win it can be very hard to actually withdraw the money. Greed makes you think you can win more. It doesn’t feel real either and you can easily deposit more and more.

Eventually if you lose a lot you have to face the real problem of why you did it plus face the fact that your hard earn cash has gone down the toilet.


I have just one funny story with my gambling. Maybe 6 years ago I was on a type of psychotic high and I wrote a letter to God. Addressed PO BOX God, Ect. In the letter I asked God for some money Kindly.

I was convinced it would be answered. Ten minutes later after buying a £5 scratchcard I win. The chances of winning a £1000 off a £5 scratch card I googled was 44,000 to 1. Whats the chances of writing a letter and winning?

This is the most i’ve even won off a scratch card and I bought a few over the years which is why I have recently stopped. It is too unlikely to win. The only real winners are the ones making them or bookies.

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