Daily charting

Download and PRINT OFF ALL CHARTS and ‘12 Copies per chart’ for each month of the year.

Get a binding folder and make a discipline to fill them out during the day. For the moods, put 2 mood score in the same box, one for morning (left side of box) and one for evening (right side of box). The same for the trigger chart; one entry to the left (morning) and one for the right (evening). Be sure to re-rate your trigger score on the trigger chart after you have written an entry and solution in the CBT diary..

It’s good to repeat the morning and evening entries explained above for shower, teeth, tidying place, washing, washing up.

It’s interesting to record your sleeping patterns. Good sleep= better health. And regular sleeping pattern is better for you.

Daily Charting in a monthly EXCEL form:- Fill it in morning and evening(sometimes in the same box), put a tick or YES/NO/NotApplicable entry and complete all tasks if you can every day.

If Bi-polar was a A level course and your happiness depends on doing well, then you would want to study; and become a master. The question is what works universally (every person benefits) and individually (what specific things work only for you).

January 2020 finished charts. Small goals every days is big success and progress.

Here’s an example of prompts for you to fill in a CBT entry. See below.

You can always make your own using EXCEL. You can see how it’s done from templates above. Your routines could be different or hobbies. Its always good to try learning one new thing a day. I like reading but what do you like- create your own personalised system…


Lifes a juggling act of repetitive routines. You have a lifetime to master them

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