Skin crawling

A processing failure

I really don’t know how to describe this symptom except that your skin feels like it’s crawling with bugs.

Anxiety levels are through the roof and it seems like nothing will get you out of this intensely uncomfortable sensation.

I have noticed that it’s do with processing, in that it’s a processing problem. Too many perhaps stressful or complex situations that are overwhelming can cause a processing problem.

Its like the conscious mind gets severely confused and the result is a type of memory of psychosis. One part of a disturbing symptom of psychosis is to be so uncomfortable in your own skin that it feels like your skin is crawling with bugs.

It’s also like a maze, your desperate to get out of it and the longer you stay in the maze the more intensely you become uncomfortable.

I usually do not know how I get out of this as when your in it, there feels like there is no escape.

These are the following things I have found that help and also help speed up the time to get out of this bazzare yet intensely disturbing experience.

1: Rest- sleep is a fantastic medicine

2: Medication: Everyone is different and has different medications but I find it to be useful when this symptom comes up.

3: No stimulus: People and socialising can feed it and having to put a good face or show can increase the intensity. Nowadays I choose this option as one of the most important. The only company I can handle is very trusted friends. Pet animals are great. Social media is a no go in any form.

4: If the levels go down Reading can help distract you.

5: Good food (this includes topping up on vitamins). Important to take fruit and vegetables. Also a tidy place. Clean your space and shower/teeth. The less mess in your area the greater your chances to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

6. CBD oil is a great calming supplement. I found a temporary solution if you can’t get rest is valium.

7: If you feel stronger exercise can be beneficial.

8: Lastly time and patience. The more you fight it it seems the longer it lasts. Little distractions are good.

9. CBT entries might also help to work out what complexities in life caused your system to be overloaded and what possibly triggered you.

This symptom is a very nasty psychological reaction to stress. Its possibly better to fill in CBT entries once you feel grounded and more comfortable in your skin. This gives you an element of control and not to make similar mistakes next time. Also you may realise there was more going on than you first thought.

Psychosis is a really normal reaction to trauma for humans- 1 in 4 or more people have bazarre experiences like this. Once you work out it’s a reaction to stress and stimulus you can play around with it- for a different outcome in the future.

Just like if you shoot yourself in the hand. The pain in the hand would tell you theres something not right possibly for months!

This is the unconscious minds attempt to tell you something needs to change. And sometimes it’s just small things that need readjustment.

Like a surfer on a board your going to fall off now and again.

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